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The original Roslyn Brewing and Malting Company, ca. 1900

Turn of the century Roslyn, like many other American towns of its day, had its own brewery, The Roslyn Brewing and Malting Company. German brewers brewed rich dark lagers similar to what they had brewed in Germany, and probably close to what we brew as Roslyn Beer today. They delivered their lager in wooden barrels by horse and wagon to local saloons, of which Roslyn had many in its heyday.

Information regarding The Roslyn Brewing and Malting Company

The Roslyn Brewing and Malting Company sold beer for a nickel a bucket to miners, thirsty from a hard day in the mines. There are still a few folks in Roslyn who remember fetching those buckets home for their fathers. After providing one of the best beers in the Northwest for over 25 years, the Roslyn Brewery closed its doors due to Prohibition in 1913.

Since opening in 1990, The Roslyn Brewing Company has continued the tradition of brewing fine beers in the old-world tradition, hand-crafted and full-flavored. We use malted barley grown in the Northwest, and hops grown in the Yakima Valley, one of the major hop-producing regions of the world. We start with Roslyn water, pure cold and snow-fed from the Cascades, to produce a full-bodied brew with a flavor that has been missing in domestic beer since the enactment of Prohibition.

Visit our brewery taproom, or stop in at one of our outlets for a pint of the local pride. We think you will agree that once again, Roslyn has a great beer.

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Roslyn Brewery workers, ca. 1909